We provide the following services:

Prenatal Care

  • Thorough initial visit lasting 2 hours where we go over the present pregnancy, medical, reproductive, and family history, review social/cultural aspects of client’s life, do nutritional counseling, educate around potentially dangerous exposures and warning signs, and perform a physical exam, including laboratory tests as needed

  • A typical prenatal visit lasts one hour and involves a discussion time where we address relevant pregnancy/birth/newborn topics, present informed consent issues regarding important decisions to make during pregnancy, build relationship, and answer questions

  • The second part of every prenatal visit focuses on physical assessment of mother and baby by doing maternal blood pressure, measuring fundal height (size of uterus) to estimate fetal growth, feeling the position of the baby, listening to the baby’s heart rate, and performing laboratory tests as appropriate. 

  • 24-hour and 7-day-a-week availability of midwife to meet clients’ needs.

  • Connection to a local network of resources, for example: childbirth education classes, doulas, pediatricians, massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc.


Home & Birth Center Birth

  • Constant availability of primary midwife and secondary midwife or qualified birth assistant.

  • Continuous presence of birth attendants (midwives and birth assistants) at birth

  • Periodic evaluation of laboring mother and baby according to specified protocols to see whether or not labor is progressing normally and both participants are healthy.

  • Extensive knowledge regarding non-pharmacological pain relief measures.

  • Use of labor support tools.

  • If a transfer to the hospital was indicated either before or immediately after birth, the midwife would facilitate this transition of care and would remain with the client until she felt comfortable in the new environment.  Midwifery care would be resumed after discharge, in the postpartum period. 


Postpartum & Newborn Care

  • Immediate postpartum care includes:  careful observation of mother and baby so as to ensure both are recovering normally from birth, support with breastfeeding, suturing of lacerations as needed, a complete newborn exam, and education about postpartum health with a set of written instructions for guidance.  The midwife is typically in attendance for 4 hours after birth or longer if she is needed.

  • 24-hour availability of midwife for care and support either at your home or in the office.

  • Connection to postpartum resources given both in a packet and discussed as appropriate.

  • Home visit with mother and baby in the first 24 hours since birth and again when baby is approximately 3 days old. 

  • Newborn screening offered.
  • Birth certificate information processed.

  • 1-week and optional 3-week office visits to evaluate health of mom and baby.

  • Final 6- to 8-week office visit which includes pelvic and breast exams, and information on family planning methods.


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“Our midwives were very sensitive to our needs and extremely informative. Every appointment was well organized with a clear agenda and we received plenty of resources to help us throughout pregnancy. They were such wonderful listeners and they truly cared about our physical and emotional well being”

“We followed our instincts and the result was a peaceful, normal birth, no stress, just the joy of inviting our precious gift into the world- the way it should be.”


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