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"I was as comfortable as can be and empowered to listen to my body throughout the entire process, with no distractions."

As I lay dozing in bed, I feel a gush. My water has just broken. As the excitement wells up in me that my baby will be here soon, I wake up my husband but not the kids. I call my midwife Melissa so she knows it won't be long. My husband starts filling the birth tub. I make my way to the couch and wrap myself in a cozy blanket, waiting for labor to start. As I lie there in total comfort and peace, the flashbacks of my previous two birth stories come rushing back.

Nine years ago my water broke in bed, and we had rushed off to the hospital. I writhed in pain on my back in a hospital bed until I couldn't take it and begged for an epidural. I was told I made it to 5 1/2 cm. The epidural numbed me from the waist down and I felt no more contractions nor the urge to push when the time came. I was directed in pushing and eventually my son Aven was born. I was annoyed much of my birth plan had been ignored but grateful my healthy boy had arrived. We weathered the next day in the hospital with all it's poking and prodding, and were so happy to get home. Next time, I thought, would be different.

My 2nd pregnancy was going well until I had some bleeding issues and was dubbed "high risk," shutting down my hopes for a peaceful home birth. I would still make it peaceful, I would still have my empowering birth experience I felt I deserved, even though it had to be at the hospital again. When I went into labor, we left for the hospital with our 3-year-old son in tow.

The nurse in triage said I was at 4 cm, but after monitoring me for awhile, said I wasn't progressing and should go home. I told her I thought lying on the hospital bed was slowing my labor, and that I would stay in the lobby. I walked and breathed my way through hours of labor and felt great. Finally I was listening to my body and managing labor; it felt so natural. When I felt like I should go back to triage, they said I had to re check-in first, which involved attempting to sit on a hard chair and giving all of my information again. At that point I was starting to have trouble coping and almost panic that my baby was coming very soon...did I need to take my pants off?? I managed to get back into triage and was told I could be admitted (no kidding) and as I was wheeled down the hall, up the elevator, and down another hall so they could find my room, I tried not to push. Some unknown doctor ran in my room just in time to catch my daughter Aniya. More poking and prodding and home again. Grateful for a healthy baby girl, but determined as ever to avoid a hospital birth at all costs, if ever given the chance again.

Flash forward to the present. My daughter who is now 5 1/2 wakes up and cuddles me. We listen to peaceful music together as I walk around the candle-lit room and breathe through my contractions. Melissa and her assistants arrive and quietly set up. I try out the filled, warm birth tub and relax into a meditative state. After awhile I get out and walk and breathe.

There is no urgency. There is no stress. We don't have to take packed bags to the car in the dead of night and rush off. We don't have to wake my 9-year-old son who's still asleep. I can do what feels right, listening to my body and my baby.

The time comes to push my baby out, and my husband helps deliver her with the midwife's help. My son has awaken and has a front row seat, even cuts the cord. We wrap our baby in a homemade blanket. We welcome the newest member of our family, little Azalea, in our own home, together. Our family is complete.

Nothing can describe how different that birth experience was compared to my previous births. I was as comfortable as can be and empowered to listen to my body throughout the entire process, with no distractions. Because of this, I was blessed with a life-changing experience for us all. This is the way it is supposed to be. I truly wish each and every mother can experience a peaceful home birth.

A special thank you to Snohomish Midwives for making this experience possible!

- Katie


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