Birth in Snohomish County

Looking at Washington’s birth certificate data from 2015, Snohomish County is 4th in the state for having the most births, falling closely behind Spokane County. Approximately, 4.3% are teens (<20yrs old), 32% are unmarried, 12.3% never graduated from high school, and 37.2% are women of color. These groups are typically marginalized in society but can be well served by midwives. Snohomish Midwives strives to work with women from all backgrounds, ethnicities, economic classes, and social situations. If someone is low risk and healthy, they are invited to be clients in this practice and will receive high quality medical care.

Snohomish County is 3rd in the state for number of births attended by licensed midwives and 2nd for home births, yet, community birth (which includes home and free standing birth centers) is a minority choice for women at 3.4% of the state’s total births. However, births attended by licensed midwives in Snohomish County is on the rise, tripling from 2004 to 2014 (see chart). According to current estimates of client load from licensed midwives in Snohomish County, it can be assumed that almost one birth every day is happening in the community, outside of the hospital setting.

Looking at the 2016 stats from Snohomish Midwives, about 17% of our clients risk out of care before they gave birth, often due to high blood pressure. Of those that start labor, 16% transferred to the hospital and 40% of these needed pain relief and/or pitocin augmentation. This scenario happens most of the time in first births and is a non-emergent situation. Rarely, did we have a preterm birth or low birth weight baby. Our cesarean section rate was 4.2%, significantly lower than the state average of 27.5% (16% primary and 11% repeat), and our breastfeeding rate at the 8-week final postpartum visit was almost 100%. The compassionate care and time spent educating, counseling, and listening to the women we work with pays off with positive health outcomes.

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“I would not change a thing about my birth; I loved the freedom to take a walk outside at night during the heavier contractions, to try the tub, and to have my family, Melissa and her assistants around me. ”

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