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"My husband, my mom and my midwives were the anchors that kept me grounded through it all..."

My husband and I are very happy with the care we received from Snohomish Midwives. Our midwives were very sensitive to our needs and extremely informative. Every appointment was well organized with a clear agenda and we received plenty of resources to help us throughout pregnancy. They were such wonderful listeners and they truly cared about our physical and emotional well being.

Countless hours of my time had been spent thinking about labor and I had felt more than ready for it days preceding the birth, but when I suddenly found myself in the world of contractions, I felt overwhelmed. Being in labor was such an unfamiliar territory, I really needed people close to me for navigation. My husband, my mom and my midwives were the anchors that kept me grounded through it all. I started doubting myself while pushing since I couldn't tell if the baby was moving down. Melissa instinctively knew I needed positive feedback to keep me going and she coached me through it. She also got me in different positions to help move the baby down. The moment Blake was born, Melissa was quick to get him in my arms, and gave me the most wonderful gift of immediate bonding time with my little one. Those were easily the best moments in my life.

High quality care from my midwives continued after the birth with a few home visits and a couple visits back at the office. It was so nice to have their support during this transitional time into parenthood. When I shared my struggles of being a new mom with my midwives, they always made me feel better by listening and giving me suggestions. The postpartum visits were also a great time of celebration-to honor what came of my pregnancy!

Needless to say, we will be contacting Melissa again when we decide to expand our family. I hope many other families will have the pleasure of working with them too. We are so glad we chose Snohomish Midwives!

-Emi and Chris

"They were very open to our different preferences to birth..."

We found the care of Snohomish Midwives beyond our expectations. Being our first pregnancy, we didn't know what to expect or questions to ask. Snohomish Midwives went above and beyond to take the time to answer questions and educate us along the way about all the different changes and stages or our pregnancy. They were very open to our different preferences to birth and very willing to use the terminology of our birthing method (hypnobirthing). We would highly recommend Snohomish Midwives to anyone that wants to take an active role in their pregnancy and birth.

-Mariya, Rob, and Neah

"My experience with Melissa has been incredibly positive and I look forward to needing her again for our next child!"

A home birth for me was always the way to go, however I knew my EMT husband was not in favor of the idea. After our interview with Melissa Denmark I could tell my husband felt a lot more at ease with the idea of home birthing thanks to her confidence, knowledge, and background.

When my pregnancy did not go as smoothly as my first one did, Melissa was always quick to answer the phone, calm my fears, and was willing to see me in person right away if necessary.

My birth went exactly as I had hoped, with as few interventions as possible. When interventions were needed, Melissa clearly explained why and I never felt like I was being “handled”, which is one of the main reasons I chose a home birth route. She allowed me to feel “in control” and yet knew when it was time to step in and take charge.

My experience with Melissa has been incredibly positive and I look forward to needing her again for our next child!

- Cristie Uplinger

Before we got pregnant my wife informed me that she was determined to have a home birth. I have to say that the idea of a home birth scared me. Being part of an emergency response team I knew that risks were involved in birth. My wife was very persistent though, and after a couple of interviews we found Melissa. Her open communication with our local emergency responders and strict adherence to working only within her scope of practice gave me confidence that my wife would be in good hands.

When labor and delivery occurred I could honestly say that there was never a moment where I was concerned for the safety and wellbeing of my wife and child. On the other hand, I am also sure that if an emergency had developed, my wife and child would have been in good hands.

- Matthew Uplinger (Snohomish Firefighter/EMT)

"Words cannot truly describe how amazing my experience doing a homebirth with Melissa was"

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted a home birth, but I needed a midwife. I found Melissa Denmark while searching online and immediately contacted her for an interview. I felt that she was such a great match for me that I didn’t even bother interviewing any other midwives. Unlike me, my husband did not like the idea of a home birth. After a few appointments with Melissa he began to feel much more comfortable with the idea, and the closer we got to our due date the more he actually wanted to do a home birth. He asked her about a million questions and she always gave him in depth and honest answers.

We saw Melissa many times over the course of my pregnancy, and at every appointment we took about an hour to go over everything. I never felt like I was being rushed, and I always felt important. Melissa always made sure I was feeling ok and offered many suggestions to help make me more comfortable throughout the course of my pregnancy.

When the time came to finally meet my baby, Melissa came to my house with two birth assistants. Everyone sat around and talked like friends as my labor progressed. When my labor became intense Melissa and both birth assistants were awesome, they somehow just knew when I needed support and in what manner. It was truly amazing to be able to let my body do what it wanted to do with the support of other women around me. After my baby was born I was able to hold and nurse her right away and any newborn procedures performed were held off until I was ready. Melissa then stayed with us for several hours after the birth to make sure we were all doing well, and she came back to our home many times during the following few weeks to check us.

Words cannot truly describe how amazing my experience doing a homebirth with Melissa was, it all just felt so natural like everything was happening exactly as it was meant to. By the end of my pregnancy I came to think of Melissa more like family than just a midwife, and I am so happy that she was there to help me bring my daughter into this world. When my husband and I are ready to have our second child Melissa will be the first to know.

- The Weeks Family

You were consistently exactly what I needed throughout my entire pregnancy and delivery.

I needed an educator and a friend and a mentor, and you became all those things for me. Like a lot of first time mothers I was nervous that something may go wrong during the delivery. Every time I mentioned it you would get this huge smile on your face and say with the most confidence in the world, “You are going to do great!” It was just what I needed. My labor progressed quickly and I sometimes felt myself wishing I could put the breaks on everything, but our baby was coming fast. I know you sensed this in me, my uncertainty, and you kept on telling me how amazing I was doing. It was so encouraging to know that I was doing so well at something I had never done before. Your confidence in me gave me confidence in my own body, and I had the most beautiful delivery I could have asked for. Jeremy and I drove home that night from the birth center with our 2 hour old daughter in the back seat with the hugest grins on our faces. The next day we talked about how we wouldn’t change a thing for our next birth, you will always be our midwife. Thank you for teaching me how to birth, and also letting me realize I knew how to do it all along.

Thank you,

"I have never felt stronger and more proud of myself in my life"

I always wanted a home birth, but due to family pressure, I settled for a normal doctor care; hospital birth. However, at 31 weeks I changed my mind and transferred over to Melissa. She provided great service and made me feel comfortable and answered all questions my husband and I had.

Labor was a lot more painful than I expected. Watching videos and taking birthing classes let me know what to expect, but not how it would feel. Melissa was very supportive and encouraging the whole time. She suggested positions and different ways to help me cope with the pain. Both her and her assistant were a lot of help in a time I was hurting, irritable, and highly emotional. When my baby was born, the cord was wrapped around the neck. This was a big fear for my family, because from what they've heard it's a very dangerous thing. But Melissa surprised them all. She just unwrapped the cord and everything was fine. As a result, my family and friends are a lot more open and accepting to home births, since it was so taboo to them.

Melissa stuck around a long time after my baby was born. I was surprised and pleased. She made sure both baby and me were well and taken care of before she left. Then throughout the next six weeks, she came to check up on us several times, and called many times to make sure all was going well. How many doctors can we say do that? Melissa provided personal, caring, one on one care.

I had a very positive experience having a home birth with Melissa. I have never felt stronger and more proud of myself in my life. It made me feel amazing that I delivered my baby the way nature intended in my own home. I would recommend Melissa. She is very skilled in what she does, and does it with care and kindness. Hopefully more women will have the courage to have a natural, drug free, out of hospital birth. They just need to believe in their own natural ability to handle the pain and deliver their baby.


"...the most amazing and empowering thing I have ever done"

I knew right when I got pregnant with my 3rd child that I wanted something different for my pregnancy and birth. I found Melissa on the Internet, and after meeting and speaking with her, I knew straight away that her methods and approach were what I wanted. She was wonderfully informative, reassuring and knowledgeable throughout my pregnancy.

I had an early diagnosis of gestational diabetes, and despite being "high risk" Melissa was able to work with me and help me get through my entire pregnancy without any medication. Without her, I probably would have succumbed to giving into the doctor’s suggestions of taking insulin instead of controlling it with diet alone. And when I got to my 36th week of pregnancy and the doctors suggested thatMidwife Melissa Denmark with a client and her baby I should think about being induced because my baby was too small, Melissa was right there in supporting me in my desire to continue my pregnancy as is, and have a natural home birth.

At 37 weeks and 3 days, with my husband, Melissa and her assistant helping me through it, I gave birth to my son at home. It was the most amazing and empowering thing that I have ever done. Women's bodies were made to be able to birth without all the modern medical intrusions. I am so thankful to Melissa for encouraging me, and reassuring me that I could to it naturally.

~ Jennifer

"Wow, what an experience!!"

We found Melissa over the Internet searching for Midwives, interviewed her and fell in love with her immediately. She is so understanding, knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She took the time to explain to my husband at each prenatal visit how the baby is growing and progressing, answered all questions that we had without rushing us. She made us feel that we were actually very important to her not just another patient on today's schedule. My husband wasn't sure about the whole midwife thing due to his son being born by c-section from a previous marriage but after meeting Melissa he changed his mind. Not only did he change his mind about having a delivery away from a hospital at a birth center, he changed his mind completely and we had a HOME Birth!! He was proud to say we were having a home birth by the end of the pregnancy and has said to many people "we had a home birth and plan to do it again!!" We wouldn’t have been able to do it without Melissa.

My labor progressed very quickly (1-1/2 hours) so when Melissa arrived I was already having the urge to push but she was so calm and together, it put us all at ease. Homebirths are definitely an unexplainable experience. Words can't describe the ease and comfort that your home plays in your labor and your birth. Not only for you but also for your family. At our birth we had my daughter (10 years old), my step-son (14 years old), both grandmas, a close friend to take pictures and video our dog and our cat. Our daughter was born at 11:32pm and we were sleeping peacefully with our new bundle of joy by 2:30am. You definitely can't say that about a hospital!! Melissa came back the next day to do a 24 hour check, then 3 days and at one week. Can't say that about pediatrician.... My favorite part of all newborn checks was the scale that she weighed Makeila in, we call it our Stork Scale. We would highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking for a midwife. We are for sure going to use her for our next pregnancy and birth. Thank you Melissa for a wonderful birth experience!! We couldn’t have done it without you.

~Alefa, Ruzzel, RJ, Kobi and Makeila

“It was a positive experience for me and my family!

Our needs were met and more. I felt a connection with my midwife that helped me through some tough times during my pregnancy. Very humbling.’’ Describing her labor and birth… “It was spiritual and beautiful. I felt love all through the house and closeness to my husband that was amazing… Even though the birth of my son happened at the hospital….I wouldn’t change a thing. The dedication to the patients is excellent!”



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