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"We were in the best of hands and I can’t wait to have our next baby at home with the Snohomish Midwives."

I had always dreamed of a calm and quiet homebirth, so it was natural to look for a Midwife when my husband, Ryan, and I decided we were ready for a baby. I actually contacted Melissa before I was pregnant to see what I could be doing to prep my body for pregnancy and then actually get pregnant. She was so attentive even before I was her patient. At the time Sarah hadn’t come on yet and I was nervous if we would connect as well as Melissa and I had. Well, we did. She was just as warm, relatable, kind and knowledgeable as Melissa. I received amazing prenatal care. My initial exam was 3 hours and every appointment after was an hour. They have a holistic view of care, taking the time to ask about all parts of my life and health. I really felt that they had a genuine desire to get to know me and my husband and offer individualized care. I appreciated how they weren’t quick to fix, but listened and made sure I felt I had the right tools and support.

The birth of our daughter, Anique, mostly began with cramping throughout the night that I could no longer sleep through after 5 in the morning. Throughout the whole day I was reluctant to think things were really happening, so naturally I sent my husband off to work with a kiss and a smile. I got up, showered and started my day anticipating it to be long as this was my first baby. I paged my midwives around 9am, Melissa called me back and mostly listened, which was awesome. I’d be talking and then a contraction would come and I’d get quiet and just breathe. She knew not to disrupt me or ask questions, but to wait for me to start talking again. She encouraged me to keep it up and that I was doing great. Soon after I had a gush of fluid and called Melissa back. She said I should start calling my support people and arrange for the labor tub to be delivered. About an hour later my husband came home and that’s when the party started. The labor tub came, was being set up and my sister, Rachel, came with her daughter whose first birthday was that day! I had even had the privilege of being at her birth the year before. We quickly drained our hot water tank filling the birth tub, so Ryan was going back and forth from the neighbors with buckets of hot water. My little niece was walking around with food, patting my back, talking to me when I moaned and smiling when I looked up at her. The distractions were just what I wanted then. When the tub was full, Ryan finally sat down in front of me while I sat on the birth ball. I remember grabbing his arms and rocking my head from side to side. This was when I asked, “Are you guys having fun?” I was having so much fun and hoped they were enjoying it too, and they were. Before I knew it my contractions were 3-4 min apart and lasting 1 min. We called Sarah as she was headed home from a birth that morning. I told her to take her time since I was feeling good with Ryan and Rachel and also thinking I didn’t want her coming too soon.

By 5pm I was in the tub. It was so nice to do what I wanted and eat and drink as I pleased. It really helped keep my energy up and I never got tired. Within an hour I felt the urge to push. Rachel called Sarah, who told me not to push and that she’d be there right away. She arrived with a smile and fresh face and checked me. I was 9 cm with an anterior lip. Stephanie (birth assistant) arrived and they quickly “moved-in”. There was a calm and efficient rhythm to their demeanor as they unpacked and set up. I requested to have the lip held back, Sarah did and it felt so good to push. I remember grunting/yelling loudly, but when Sarah asked how that was, I said “that was fine”, we all laughed. The lip was persistent, so I got out of the tub for a while, lying on my side while watching my niece walk around and sit near my head. I moved to a squatting position and pushed as Sarah held the lip again, this time it stayed back. Sarah said I was an effective pusher and that I could push to my hearts content now. I was very happy about this and got back in the tub. It was about 8pm and Rachel put my niece down in our bedroom. Sarah checked while I pushed and said to turn my sound inward, I obeyed and could feel this working. Then she suggested for Ryan to join me in the tub, he was reluctant, Rachel encouraged him and he got in. He sat behind me, holding me up under my arms while I pulled my knees back and pushed. I got very hot and sweaty and asked Rachel to wipe my face after each contraction. She made an ice bath and would wipe my face with a wet rag while I rested my head on Ryan’s shoulder. This felt incredible! My contractions became more spread out so I was getting good breaks in between. Then I began to feel pressure in my bum and was encouraged that I could feel the progress. I could feel her head move down with every push and back up. I loved that I could feel her at every stage, even when she was crowning. The final contraction came and Anique was born! Sarah placed her right on my chest. She was perfect and looked all around. We basked in the moment and she seemed to be so comfortable and calm. After the cord stopped pulsing, Rachel cut it and took Anique. We got out of the tub, I delivered the placenta and waddled to bed. Our team set us up in bed and our baby began to nurse. I called my parents and they came over to meet her. All 9 of us were crammed in our bedroom while my niece slept in the pack n play. Sarah was so delicate with Anique during the newborn exam and joined in as we fell in love with her.

Over the next several days when Melissa and Sarah came to see us they really understood the honeymoon feel of our home and adapted to it. They were so comfortable to just climb up on the bed and check baby in my arms. I was so struck by how much they loved our baby too. We were in the best of hands and I can’t wait to have our next baby at home with the Snohomish Midwives.

- Ashley


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