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Ode to Snohomish Midwives

Our first two babies were “delivered” by a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) at our local hospital. Even though with both our experiences we were “granted” the natural childbirth that we desired, we were more than eager to discover other options for the birth of our third little miracle. Natural childbirth was never a “choice” for us, it was a given. And we were completely confident that we could do it. But without researching it to the depth that we should have, we assumed the hospital was the safest place for us to be. Not knowing it could be any different, we believed we were given the best care possible. It wasn’t until the newborn care of our second child that we began to have serious doubts about the hospital’s overall concern for the wellbeing of the mother and baby during their stay.

From the moment you arrive in labor to triage to the moment you are discharged from the hospital the overall attitude is that “they” know best and you are at their mercy. We learned that the minute you call for your first prenatal appointment you are shoved onto a conveyor-belt that moves along at the pace the hospital decides- CNM or OB you are still subject to the care the hospital provides during and after the birth of your baby- their agenda, their goals, etc. We did extensive research on home-birth and felt confident during our first appointment with the Snohomish Midwives. They were the first home-birth midwives we interviewed but we both knew minutes into the meeting that we didn’t need to look any more. That was an exciting day!

The difference between the care of the CNM and the home-birth-midwives was drastic. Right off the bat I was shocked at the intensity of personal “research” that they did. A typical hospital appointment would last a maximum of 20 minutes, and with Snohomish Midwives it was a full hour every visit. There wasn’t always a full hour of pregnancy “stuff” to discuss so we used that time to get to know each other. These ladies genuinely care and want to know their clients. Each and every visit was so thorough and so thought-out I couldn’t help but to go on and on about how wonderful they were to anyone who asked the “Who’s your Dr.” question during my pregnancy. We were so blown-away by the amazing prenatal care and having experienced natural childbirth twice before this pregnancy, our confidence and excitement going into the home-birth of our third child was very high. We were counting the days and minutes until labor began because we knew how amazing it would be to be HOME and under the care of these absolutely amazing midwives.

Just as expected, from the minute my water broke and labor began, Melissa and her crew were attentive, educated, comforting, respectful...the list of words I could use to positively describe our Midwife and helpers goes on...and...on. The main difference during labor between the CNM’s and Melissa was her respect for my labor and willingness to help me listen to and follow my body. In the hospital with our first it was the CNM coaching me to push before my body was ready. With our second it was the nurse in triage saying “you better not have that baby in here!” which meant holding back when my body wanted to push. At home with Melissa we followed our instincts and the result was a peaceful, normal birth, no stress, just the joy of inviting our precious gift into the world- they way it should be. An added bonus is that I had the fastest most complete recovery out of all three births. I attribute this to giving birth in an atmosphere that allowed me to follow my body throughout the birth process. After the “main event” everything was straightened up and made cozy. Then we were able to SLEEP. No icky hospital bed, no beeping from the hall, random people coming in, shift changes etc....just sleeping, bonding, nursing, cuddling. Skin on skin with baby, in our peaceful and quiet home. The Snohomish Midwives post-natal care was also amazing which was no surprise. So thorough, so thoughtful. At the hospital they like to shove vaccines at your baby like you don’t have a choice. They poke and prod those little infants with no end. I know multiple women who wanted to breastfeed but the nurses gave their baby a bottle of formula without even asking! Our worst experience was that they took our perfectly healthy son and convinced us he was sick, resulting in days taken away from early bonding, and only after the fact did we learn that their actions were strictly precautionary...that he was never in any real danger. If we had researched what they were doing at the time, it would have been crystal clear that nothing was wrong. Days of critical bonding time with baby and thousands of dollars later, the hospital got what they Even though a home-birth midwife is more affordable, we would have gladly paid above and beyond what the hospital charges in order to give our baby the best care possible which is to stay far away from the hospital...unless mom or baby needs to be there, in which the Midwives are expertly trained in identifying and acting on these types of situations. We are so thankful to have made the decision to have a home-birth. The care we received from the Snohomish Midwives staff was extraordinary. If we ever have another baby there won’t even be a glimpse of a question in our minds if we will be wanting another home-birth, it was that amazing!

- Anna and Scott (Avery 2007, Elijah 2010, Ingrid 2011)


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